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The Concert Ministry



Music has a special way of opening peopleís hearts to receive ministry. In Ephesians 5:10 it talks about three kinds of songs, psalms (songs to the Lord), hymns (songs about the Lord), and spiritual songs (songs that communicate spiritual truths). Psalms and hymns are types of songs that create an atmosphere of worship that is conducive to the anointing of God flowing. Spiritual songs are sermons in song that convey a specific message from the Word.   Danielís concerts utilize all three kinds of songs to usher in the presence of God and to also communicate vital truths from the Word of God that will inspire and equip believers in their walk with the Lord.


Danielís concerts are  special.  They are best described as intimate sharing experiences between artist and audience in which they laugh, sing, worship and hear from the heart of God . . . together.

          The first part of every concert Daniel establishes a rapport with his audience through his music and his sense of humor.  Daniel then directs the concert into a time of worship encouraging everyone to enter in, (with the aid of overhead transparencies or powerpoint presentations), singing from the heart.  Utilizing songs from Hillsong, Passion and worship songs Daniel has written, the greatest part of any concert is devoted to worship.  One of the main objectives of every concert is for all present to experience the manifest presence of God.  The final moments of every concert are devoted to sharing songs that will communicate a message that will draw any unbelievers to the cross and impact the lives of every Christian.

          Danielís songs, many of which heís composed, are enhanced by his acoustic guitar artistry, digital backup and his rich, flowing, tenor voice. Some of his songs are from his CD, Song For The Morning, and a yet to be recorded worship project entitled

          A full concert, that incorporates the entire worship set, usually lasts 2 hours with a short break. Shorter concerts can be set up to fit into whatever time constraints you might have.

          Daniel does not come to a church just to provide an evening of Christian entertainment, but to communicate the overwhelming love, grace and mercy of Jesus and how much He desires to enter into a passionate realm of intimacy with every one of His people. The objective of every concert is for the anointing to flow through the music opening peoplesí hearts to truly worship and sensitizing them to hear a word from the Spirit of God that will change their lives.


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