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Thank you for registering to receive your copy of the Free Special Edition of Be The Bride! Vol. 3. I believe it will be a great encouragement to you as you "make yourself ready" for the soon coming return of Jesus to catch away His Bride!

In addition to the ebook I am going to give you, over the upcoming months I will be periodically sending you my e-letter, "Lines From Daniel's Den." In it I will be sharing ministry news, information about new book releases, reviews of prophetic books, prophetic developments on the world scene and insights from the Word. I hope my e-letter will continue to be a great blessing to you far after you have read my books.


To download your ebook . . .

Right Click on the link below & select "Save link as . . ."

to save your ebook to a folder on your computer.

Be aware that this is a large file, so if you don't have a fast dsl connection, please be patient as the file is downloaded.




Once you have downloaded the zip file open it using a free program like winzip or zipgenius (available at or

Once you have unzipped, simply double click on the BeTheBrideVolume3SpecialEdition.exe file to open the ebook.

To maximize the screen to full size click on the third icon from the bottom. There will be more instructions in the Preface chapter of the book.

If, after reading it, this book is a blessing to you, take a minute to write me a couple of lines to let me know. (Click on the comments and questions button on the left to email me.) In the future I want to have a page on the site that shares some of the comments that are sent to me, so that it is an encouragement for more people to read this book.



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