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Pastor, We Would Like To Introduce You To The Ministry Of Daniel Rydstedt



We at Daniel Ministries understand the importance of pastors getting to know anyone that may be ministering to their congregation.  Daniel himself pastored for  10 years, so he knows fully well the responsibility that you, as a pastor, have to ensure that anyone invited to your church ministers in the power of the Holy Spirit, sensitive to the needs of your flock.

The purpose of this website is to introduce you to Daniel Rydstedt and the ministry he has been entrusted with.  We want to give you a brief history of his ministry, for the life he has lived has contributed greatly to the depth of the message he gives.

After ministering musically part time on weekends during his years at college and while he served as a Navy officer at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Daniel began a full time concert ministry in 1975, sharing his songs at churches, coffeehouses, prisons and universities throughout the eastern half of the United States.

In the late 70’s, an insatiable hunger for the Word of God resulted in a change of emphasis in Daniel’s ministry from concerts that were evangelistic in nature to equipping and inspiring the saints through dynamic Bible based teaching.  He taught at a weekly meeting in Maryland called Saturday Night Celebration at which believers from several area churches gathered together for anointed worship and an extra “meal” of practical teaching.

In 1983 Daniel joined the staff of the nationwide Christian radio talk show, Contact America, based on capitol hill in Washington D.C.  The next year, Daniel hosted his own weekly half hour radio program called the Musinar Radio Show which aired in the D.C., Baltimore and Northern Virginia areas.  This unique musical seminar combined teaching with short clips from contemporary Christian songs that illustrated the topic of the week.

In 1985 Daniel joined the pastoral staff of Baltimore Christian Faith Center.  Early on his work with the youth gave him a real heart for the young people of this generation.  Working with senior pastor, John McCall, who has an amazing healing and miracle ministry, gave Daniel a renewed compassion for those that are sick and hurting. It was out of this experience that Daniel wrote the book Gospills For Your Healing- A Manual For Health and Healing.  Pastoring also put in his heart a strong desire to help those in the body of Christ to fulfill their destiny and be all that God has called them to be.

Relocating to the Midwest 10 years later, Daniel traveled to churches throughout Missouri and Kansas teaching the Word of God.  Then a series of tragedies . . . a painful divorce and the death of his younger sister, his mother and dad, caused Daniel to take a sabbatical from ministry while he healed and sought the Lord.  It was during this time that the Lord began to speak to him about how important it is for the body of Christ to press in to really intimately KNOW Jesus, and fulfill their destiny as His Bride in these last days before He comes.  The Lord showed him that His people must know that their groom is looking for a people that will fellowship with Him continually, walking in obedience and purity in the midst of an ever-increasingly perverse generation.  During this time Daniel wrote several books including Be The Bride, vol. 4-How To Make Sure You Have “Made Yourself Ready” When Your Groom Comes, which has impacted Christians worldwide.  A recent example is a letter we received from Milton Sue of Oceanside, California who wrote . . . 


"Thank you for your obedience to the Lord for bringing out this inspired work! I started reading Be The Bride vol.3 and have been convicted, have repented and overnight the Lord has changed me. I can’t stop thinking about Him! I have been a Christian since I was in first grade and even waiting for the return, but I believe I may have missed it had it not been for this book. . . . now so much is clear. God bless you!"


While Daniel was seeking the Lord about how the Lord wanted to get this exhortative message out to more of the Body of Christ, he was led to accept a position leading worship at Overcoming Faith Church.  It is there that he began to understand that the degree of intimacy with God is directly related to the extent a believer has made worship a lifestyle in their lives.  The Lord re-emphasized to him the power of music to communicate truths from the heart of God and to usher His people into His manifest presence.  After over a year serving as worship leader, the Lord instructed Him that it was time to step out and begin to minister to the body of Christ at large using the musical gifts and talents that he has been given.

Pastor, as you go through the additional information on Daniel’s concerts and the endorsements from leaders in the Body of Christ that have been a part of his life and ministry, we ask you to prayerfully consider extending an invitation to him to minister to your flock.



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