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Marilyn Agee, author of several powerful prophecy books including "The End of the Age" and "Revelation 2000" has said of Daniel’s book, Be The Bride! Volume 1 - Another Look At Raptures, Wrath, Resurrections And The Return . . .

"It is great . . .

It is a book that I did

not want to put down!"




Soon The Bride Will Disappear!



Knowing what will happen thereafter will give strong encouragement for anyone to Be The Bride! As I cover in later volumes in this series, there will be multiplied millions of Christians who have not “made themselves to be ready” who will be left to be purified in the fires of the greatest time of tribulation in the history of mankind. As horrifying as the tribulation will be, it pales in comparison with the unleashing of the wrath of God that occurs toward the end to this 7 year period.

Very few prophetic books teach on the unfathomable destruction that the book of Isaiah says will result in “the inhabitants of the earth being burned, and few men being left” on the entire planet. In this book there is extensive teaching on the wrath of God which is a part of a multi-stage process that readies this earth for the return of Jesus with all of His saints to rule and reign for 1000 years.

Although, as this book shows from scripture, the tribulation saints are delivered through a second rapture moments before the wrath of God begins, they do have to go through a horrific time of upheaval on the earth. After you read this book you should have strong motivation to be the Bride so that as Revelation 3:10 says, “you will be kept from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

Here are a few of the many questions answered in "Be The Bride! volume one - Another Look at Raptures, Wrath, Resurrections and The Return."


* What are the seals, trumpets, and the vials in the book of Revelation all about?
* What is the difference between "the Tribulation" and "the Wrath of God"?
* What two things occur that will lead to God shortening the tribulation and commencing the process of evicting the unrighteous from the earth?
* What is going to happen when God pours out His wrath? Will there be a "Deep Impact" of massive asteroids hitting earth? Where will they hit and how will it rock our world?
* Will there be a second rapture that delivers the righteous immediately preceding the unleashing of the wrath of God?
* Will God create a new heaven and earth before the millennial reign of Jesus begins or at the end of the thousand years as so many teach?

This initial volume of the Be The Bride series scripturally lays out the sequence of events from the rapture of the Bride to the setting up of the millennial kingdom.

You will find this book fascinating!!! It is a must read for all those that love to study the prophetic scriptures.

Read an excerpt from this book here





Be The Bride! Vol. 1- Another Look At Raptures, Resurrections, Wrath and the Return is available in several forms.

It is available in a special ebook version that allows you to change the type and size of the fonts to your personal preference. The ebook version downloaded by the purchaser is $12.99.



An audio-visual ebook version is also available. This unique format includes the ability to turn the audio on or off so you can choose to listen to me read the text as you read. As you read and listen you can have the screen automatically scroll at whatever speed you select. With the audio feature you can also settle into an easy chair and just listen to the book being read to you. This unique audio-visual ebook version, downloaded by the purchaser, is $16.99.

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The Audio-Visual version is not yet released.


There is a limited availability of the laminated spiral bound version of this ebook. Because it is labor intensive to make each one (several hours per book) the price is $23.99 plus $3.00 S&H. If you want one custom made and shipped to you . . .



If you prefer ordering by mail, a check or money order can be sent to Daniel Ministries, 2233 Nettleton, Springfield, MO 65803.