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Help Me Get

This Message Out


I am hoping that many of you that have taken the time to read the FREE special edition of Be The Bride! Vol. 3 will realize how critical this message is to so many in the body of Christ and will be nudged by the Holy Spirit to help me get this ebook out to millions of believers in the sliver of time we have left before Jesus comes for His Bride. There are many ways that you can help . . .

First, you can refer your family and friends to the site to download their free Be The Bride ebook. A heart felt recommendation of this book to a Christian in your sphere of influence can make all the difference in the world in their lives . . . and their eternal destiny in the millennial kingdom. The most powerful way that this message is going to get out to multitudes of believers is through word of mouth recommendation, If you just take the time to email or call two or three Christian friends or relatives . . . and they do the same . . . and that is repeated by multiple generations, this message can easily reach millions of believers in the upcoming months!

You can even help me warn Christians that are not in your sphere of influence by downloading a special tract and giving it out where ever you go.



I specifically designed this tract to give away to believers although there is a reference in it to a link to text from my God Is Calling You booklet that would help an unbeliever become born again as well. Right click (and select "save link as . . .) the following two links to download two separate pdf files to a folder in your computer.



One of the pdf files is the front of the tract and the other is the back. Once you download them, you will need to print side one from the file, WeddingTractOutside.pdf and then turn the paper over and print the other side of that page from the file, WeddingTractInside.pdf. Since there will be 2 tracts on every page that you print, you will need to cut the page in half (where the registration marks are).

Print out a few pages, cut them in half, fold the tracts . . . and then keep them with you, ready to hand one out to a Christian that you might meet. The "Be The Bride" message is summarized in this tract. In addition a link that will show the reader how to get to the site to download their own Free book will be included so that they can more fully absorb the implications of this message.


Another way that you can help me spread the word to Christians that you might not even be acquainted with, is to recommend our website ( or the mirror site, with the free book when you are posting on your favorite Christian forum or bulletin board. When someone reads your recommendation of a prophetic ebook and finds out it is free to download, most will check it out. Some of you could take the time to seek out some Christian prophecy forums and post a short paragraph on it letting people know about the free book. Others of you might be led of the Lord to put a short signature to either your posts on these forums or your outgoing emails that simply says,

"Read Important Prophetic Ebook FREE . . ."

(Email me if you don't know how to set this up and I will try to help you.) Also, If you happen to have your own site consider putting a link to on the links page or somewhere else on your site.

Only eternity will reveal the believers that you helped influence to become passionate about their relationship with Jesus, and as a consequence end up being a part of the Bride group. I know I would appreciate your help, but more importantly, the Lord Jesus will appreciate it! He longs for more of His people to be head over heels in love with Him, walking in intimacy with Him moment by moment throughout the day.


Other Ways That You Can Help

It is going to take considerable finances to fulfill the mandate to get this message out to a wide spread audience of believers. I know the Lord will supply the needs. If after reading this ebook, you want to be a channel of His provision to support us in our mission, I encourage you to purchase the full version of this ebook, Be The Bride Vol. 3 as well as the other two ebooks in the Be The Bride series. I purposely left most of the chapters in this FREE special edition of Vol. 3 so that the message would be fully, and effectively communicated. However, if you purchase the full version, there will be quite a bit of additional teaching to amplify and reinforce the core message of the book. In addition in the full version there will be a Color Coded Prophetic Time line Chart that is correlated with a corresponding commentary. But most importantly, your purchase will be helping this ministry impact the lives of a multitude of believers in the upcoming months. More information about the other two ebooks in the Be The Bride series along with other books I have written are on the Other Books By Daniel Rydstedt page.

Let me also briefly mention that you can also support this ministry by shopping at a site we set up offering new and used Christian books, tapes, videos, CD's, DVD's and more. Every month I feature a sale on a different specific category of books that offers an additional discount on top of bargain basement prices that are already discounted between 50% and 90%. You can also qualify to receive FREE postage paid books with your purchase. And shipping can be as minimal as only $.49. This site is a work in progress. I will be adding thousands of books and other items over the next year as I get the time, so bookmark the site and check it often. Browse the many categories and sub-categories at today. Find a bargain and at the same time know you are contributing to the support of our full time ministry.

(Note that this site presently under construction and will be online soon.)


The Most Important Support You Can Give

The most important way that you can support our outreach is to pray for us . . . and for those that download this ebook. Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of every believer that reads this free book that they may make it a priority to press in to KNOW Jesus and obey Him like never before. Pray that the Lord will get this book to millions of Christians before Jesus comes for His Bride. Ask the Lord who He would have you email or call to encourage to read this ebook.

Unless the Holy Spirit softens the hearts of so many that have gotten caught up in the pressures of life and the pursuit of pleasure that the world pushes, they will dismiss this book as just another interesting Christian book. This book is not one that should be skimmed over and filed away, but it is a book with a message that must be heeded and acted upon while there is still time. Your intercessory prayer will pave the way in the Spirit realm for readers to understand not just with their heads . . . but with their hearts.


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