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This book sells for $12.99 elsewhere on this site. So why am I offering a special edition of this book that includes a majority of all the chapters of the full version for FREE? Because I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to get this vitally important message out to as many Christians as I can while there is time left, I am making it available for anyone to download absolutely FREE! Just fill in your name, email address and the State in which you reside in the form below. I will only use information given to me to periodically send you my e-letter, “Lines From Daniel’s Den,” which will share news about the ministry, new book releases or updates, reviews of other important prophetic books, important prophetic happenings and insights the Lord gives me from the Word of God. At this moment I am not sure how often it will be sent to those that register. I have asked for the state you reside in, because in the future if I am ministering at a church in your area, I will send out a special email to inform you of the concert or speaking engagement information so that you have the opportunity to join us. If the Lord tarries, and the doors open to travel in the future, I would love to meet some of you in person.


Marilyn Agee, author of several important prophetic books, including “End of the Age,” “Revelation 2000” and “Heaven Found,” has this to say about the Be The Bride series of books . . .

It is so important now to fully understand how to be the Bride of Christ. I am delighted by Daniel Rydstedt's "Be The Bride" books. I think of them as required reading.


As you read Be The Bride! Vol. 3, you will find out why the message of this particular book is critical for believers everywhere to receive and act on. Register to download your copy today.


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NOTE: If for any reason this form gives you an error message or you do not get a return email with a link to the download page after registering, let me know by emailing me at and I will send it to you.


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