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Ministry Arrangements


We want to serve you anyway that we can.  To schedule a concert, we make no financial requirements to come to your church.  We believe that all needs of this full time ministry are met in the name of Jesus.  If you would like to sow a love offering into our ministry to help in the meeting of our needs, we will receive it gratefully in the name of Jesus.  If not, we are more than happy to freely sow our ministry into the lives of your people.  It would be an honor for Daniel to have the opportunity to use the gifts and anointing that the Lord has given him to inspire and encourage your congregation in their walk with the Lord.

          Churches sponsoring concerts need to have the sanctuary or auditorium available for equipment setup, sound-checks and prayer 2 to 3 hours before the start of the service.  A large table should be made available for Danielís books, tapes and CDs.  If possible an overhead projector for worship lyrics (and someone to operate it) should be provided. A power point presentation of the song lyrics is also available for churches using computer fed projection systems.

          We want to help you reach out to bring visitors into your church.  We offer full color posters, (like the one above) customized with date, time and place, that you can post throughout your church and in your community.  We can also provide a customized black and white handout that you can copy and distribute.  If you have a Christian radio station in your area we can provide a script that can be used for a free public service announcement.  In some cases we can also produce a customized 30 second spot for the radio.  We want to do everything we can to help you in making this event a memorable, life changing evening.

    For scheduling availability, call Daniel at (417) 866-2350 or email
Daniel Ministries

If this link does not produce a blank email with your computer setup, email danielministries at gmail dot com with your email program.  (Note: I spelled it out to prevent this email address from being detected by internet spiders and being added to spam lists.  The "at" is the @ symbol and "dot" obviously is . )




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