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Jim Harman, author of "The Coming Spiritual Earthquake," has said of Danielís book, Be The Bride! Volume 3- Will ALL Believers Be A Part Of The Bride Soon To Be Raptured? . . .


"I just finished reading your book: "Be the Bride"

and it is excellent! Your book is one that should

be read by the entire church and let us pray that

the Lord opens the doors to help get the message

out. This book certainly should be read by

every Christian before it is too late."




2 Different Groups of Believers With Differing Roles & Destinies


The Word of God speaks of two different groups of Christians, the wise virgins, those that are great in the kingdom of God, and the foolish virgins, those that are referred to in scripture as the least of my brethren. These two groups have two differing futures, . . . one taken in the upcoming rapture of the Bride to rule and reign with their groom, Jesus, . . . and the other to be purified in the fires of the Great Tribulation only to eventually have an administrative role in the millennial kingdom. There is a lot at stake for Christians everywhere. Jesus is looking for a Bride that is intimate with Him, listening continually to His voice and obeying Him in all things.

The message of this book is so important for every Christian to understand and take to heart. Contrary to the scenario that is given in the best selling "Left Behind " books, not all believers will be taken in the upcoming rapture that precedes a time of great tribulation on the earth.

In volume 3 there is an important biblical study showing the difference between a gift and a reward. Salvation is a free gift, not of works that is given through the grace of God to all that respond to His call. Being the Bride with all of the blessings and responsibilities granted this select group of believers is a reward that is granted only to those that press in to intimacy with Jesus, obeying Him and walking in His righteousness as an overcomer in this life.

The full version of this book includes an extensive study of Revelation chapter 2 and 3. Characteristics of the seven churches in these two chapters are related to the church today in hopes of clearly showing the two groups of believers and what their futures will hold. The message of these two chapters is so important that the exhortation is repeatedly given, "let he who has ears hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches."

Also included in the full version is an extensive study of the scriptural evidence supporting my belief that the number of believers qualifying to be the Bride taken in the upcoming rapture will be relatively small. You will be shocked at the overwhelming evidence from the Word of God that as the church gets increasingly focused on the world and not the Word, that the number of the chosen taken in the upcoming rapture, contrary to what the Left Behind books portray . . . will be very few!

Lastly, the full version of volume 3 includes a multicolored prophetic timeline chart complete with a corresponding color-coded commentary. It is my prayer that through reading this book that you will gain a sense of destiny and understand how little time is left for every believer to put Jesus first in their lives before He comes for His Bride.

Other than the Bible, this could be one of the most important books that you read this year!


Be The Bride! Vol. 3 (full edition), Will ALL Believers Be A Part Of The Bride Soon To Be Raptured? is available in several forms.


It is available in a special ebook version that allows you to change the type and size of the fonts to your personal preference. The ebook version downloaded by the purchaser is $12.99.




An audio-visual ebook version is also available. This unique format includes the ability to turn the audio on or off so you can choose to listen to me read the text as you read. As you read and listen you can have the screen automatically scroll at whatever speed you select. With the audio feature you can also settle into an easy chair and just listen to the book being read to you. This unique audio-visual ebook version, downloaded by the purchaser, is $16.99.

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The Audio-Visual version is not yet released.


There is a limited availability of the laminated spiral bound version of this ebook. Because it is labor intensive to make each one (several hours per book) the price is $23.99 plus $3.00 S&H. If you want one custom made and shipped to you . . .



If you prefer ordering by mail, a check or money order can be sent to Daniel Ministries, 2233 Nettleton, Springfield, MO 65803.


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