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This Book

Will Change Your Life

. . . Even If You're Not Sick!



This world is full of people hurting both emotionally and physically. This book is not just a book that can help you receive healing if you are sick . . . it contains important truths from the Word of God that can help you minister healing to others . . . and more importantly it is a handbook that will teach you how to you can walk in health.

In this book learn:

The Difference Between A Miracle And A Healing
How To Allow Your Healing, Which Is Already A Reality In The Spirit Realm, To Be Manifested In The Physical Realm
Healing Always Comes . . . But It Is Not Always Received.
3 Steps To Receive Your Healing
How To Frame Your World With Your Words, Releasing The Power of Agreement
How The Shield Of Faith Can Be Used As Preventative Medicine Leading To A Life Of Health.

Besides in-depth teaching from the Word of God that will help you receive your healing and then subsequently walk in health, this book includes a daily prescription of 31 power packed Gospills, prayers packed with verses from the Word of God. When taken as directed (every day for life), not only will healing and eventual health result, but you will also move into a deeper, more intimate relationship with God!


Gospills For Your Healing - A Manual For Health And Healing is available in several forms.

It is available in a special ebook version that allows you to change the type and size of the fonts to your personal preference. The ebook version downloaded by the purchaser is $9.99.


An audio-visual ebook version is also available. This unique format includes the ability to turn the audio on or off so you can choose to listen to me read the text as you read. As you read and listen you can have the screen automatically scroll at whatever speed you select. With the audio feature you can also settle into an easy chair and just listen to the book being read to you. This unique audio-visual ebook version, downloaded by the purchaser, is $13.99.

Purchase it now by credit card

The Audio-Visual version is not yet released.


There is a limited availability of the laminated spiral bound version of this ebook. Because it is labor intensive to make each one (several hours per book) the price is $14.99 plus $3.00 S&H. If you want one custom made and shipped to you . . .



If you prefer ordering by mail, a check or money order can be sent to Daniel Ministries, 2233 Nettleton, Springfield, MO 65803.



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