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How To Be Truly, Truly Happy
The Never Ending Quest For Happiness . . .


Why is true happiness so elusive to so many people? Why, so often, do riches, fame, power, and personal relationships fail to bring more than temporary fulfillment and happiness?

This book answers both of these questions as well as the most important one . . . How can I have enduring peace, love and joy in my life and be truly, truly happy?

This book is also a great witnessing tool, as well as having some very important teaching for Christians that may not be experiencing the joy in their lives that Jesus has to offer.


How To Be Truly, Truly Happy is available in several forms.

It is available in a special ebook version that allows you to change the type and size of the fonts to your personal preference. The ebook version downloaded by the purchaser is $2.99.



An audio-visual ebook version is also available. This unique format includes the ability to turn the audio on or off so you can choose to listen to me read the text as you read. As you read and listen you can have the screen automatically scroll at whatever speed you select. With the audio feature you can also settle into an easy chair and just listen to the book being read to you. This unique audio-visual ebook version, downloaded by the purchaser, is $4.99.

Purchase it now by credit card

The Audio-Visual version is not yet released.


There is a limited availability of mini book version of How To Be Truly, Truly Happy. The price is $3.99 plus $1.00 S&H.


If you prefer ordering by mail, a check or money order can be sent to Daniel Ministries, 2233 Nettleton, Springfield, MO 65803.